Close protection

Close protection officers, commonly called “bodyguards”, have always produced a stereotypical image while their function is very specific and rigorous. :

  • risk Assessment
  • route studies
  • development of emergency plans
  • evaluation of the state of protection of living areas
  • threat identification
  • vulnerability study
  • escort and protection

Assignments require strong professional skills but also the ability to observe the highest discretion as well as unconditional respect for privacy. of the client Protection officers act in strict compliance with the laws and work in conjunction with the official security services.

Gardian’s close protection officers meet extremely rigorous physical and mental criteria.

They know how to control their emotions and maintain absolute calm in the presence of any form of aggression. Because of the professionalism and the experience that is required in the bodyguard profession, the training of Guardian's agents is continuous (retraining, training, specific internships..)