What is your vision for Gardian’s?

The vision is to continue to do quality work for our clients, to maintain a good image among security companies as well as to be deployed across the country.

Are you feeling the impact of the certification you have obtained?

We are currently the only private security company to be ISO certified. We have opted for this approach in order to improve the delivery of our services as well as the quality of our operations. Before that, we felt like we were working well, but in the process for certification, we found that we had certain shortcomings or imperfections. Basically, this certification allowed us to better organize ourselves. We have not yet had a return on investment but we remain confident for the future.

Don't you think that there are many areas that need to be improved in order to maintain this certification?

Obviously, you always have to question yourself because you have to work on moving to the ISO 2015 standard. You should know that with certification, each year we are subject to an audit.

What do you think sets Gardian's apart from other security companies?

I think that in our company, it is the availability of Management. Me, I am always available but also all the Management is available for the customers. I believe this is what some companies lack.

Do you think Gardian’s has added something to the security environment?

I would say yes as long as we are certified. I think this certification will stimulate other companies. We are trying to pull things up for a real revolution in the sector.

What actions should be taken to clean up the private security sector?

This action should be led by the government. For my part, I think it is enough just to implement all the decrees that have been put in place.

What type of manager do you think you are?

I think we should ask the employees instead. But I try to be fair in my decisions to get things done. I am open to discussions with staff representatives.

How do you motivate the staff?

The only and best motivation that can exist is the financial aspect. Aside from that, we do a lot of internal promotions when the need arises.

What returns do you have of the ASAP product?

The idea to create ASAP came from me. I belonged to a French association where I was assigned to the assistance commission. The mission was to organize emergency relief. We organized ourselves to provide first aid in the event of an accident or disaster. This association unfortunately did not survive. Then I thought to myself, why not create an app that a customer can get support from wherever they are and at any time.