Who we are ?

Innovation in terms of definitions and service delivery fundamentally sets us apart in our professional approach. Audit, needs analysis, definition of security plans, continuous training are all tools that allow us to innovate on a daily basis. Safety is also a matter of trust. This essential relational basis translates into a permanent commitment to provide services within a legal and recognized framework.

Gardian's undertakes to clearly define its missions and to guarantee the confidentiality of its contractual commitments. The management and Guardian agents have the essential skills and are specially trained as part of their missions. By protecting your business against vandalism, you protect your work tool from degradation or decommissioning and avoid operating loss that affects your profitability.

Whether we are protecting your business premises, your businesses, your primary or secondary residences, we establish a complete and detailed analysis of your needs. Our team assesses all the risks and adapts the best strategy to your security expectations. Technical provisions In order to be in perfect harmony with our customers, our organization is based on direct and permanent communication. Periodic meetings with existing staff and management allow :

• to report any problems encountered
• to analyze the services provided by our agents
• to exchange ideas that improve our work
• react effectively to events that have occurred in the past

Our relationship with the client is and must remain based on a climate of trust.