Video monitoring

Our company is able to offer you the implementation of a video surveillance system that we can manage for you or that you can manage yourself.

New technologies currently allow the installation of cameras, IP, digital, analog, wired or WIFI thanks to which you can monitor the place where you have them positioned and this, remotely, by connecting via the Internet. Our system, IP Record MX-4, is a powerful product that can be used stand-alone or as a server. As a server, it redistributes video streams in MJPEG / MPEG4 format to a large number of local or remote clients.

Each customer has rights defined by the administrator. The presence of several Record-MX4 IP servers makes it possible to manage sites with dozens or even hundreds of cameras, while maintaining the same operating interface. The very ergonomic interface of IP Record-MX4 allows you to quickly get started with real-time viewing, recording and playback functions.

IP Record-MX4 works on a PC in the Windows® environment, as well as on a tablet and smart phone.

So you can have control over whatever is important to you (home, office, factory or warehouse) wherever you are and at any time..